Julian ‘Julinu’ Mallia

Julian ‘Julinu’ Mallia is an award-winning, multidisciplinary Maltese visual artist specialising in concept-driven work. He juggles his practice between visual art and drumming – hinting at his unconventional approach to creative expression.

Originally a psychology graduate he now creates thought-provoking imagery within traditional fine art and digital illustration contexts. His most representative visual work is typically idea-driven, characterised by atmospheric and surreal imagery and occasionally laced with dry humour. The short making-of video of his most representative solo exhibition ‘Julinu’s Radioactive Ravioli’ gives a succinct overview of his artistic statement.

Additionally Julian plays drums with Maltese-established metal band Weeping Silence and occasionally other side projects (in the Progressive Metal, Funk-rock, Post Metal whereabouts) and is intrigued by the conceptual overlaps between visual art and music.

My latest projects for Julian ‘Julinu’ Mallia