Mapfre Middlesea plc (stylized as MAPFRE; previously Middlesea Insurance) is a Maltese insurance company headquartered in Floriana. It is a subsidiary of the Spanish multinational insurance company MAPFRE.

Middlesea Insurance was registered in 1981 as the first insurance company transacting general business in Malta. The company added life insurance to its offerings in 1983. In 1994, it became the first local insurance company to be listed on the Malta Stock Exchange, and it was in that same year that Middlesea appointed its first Insurance Agency together with the foundation of Middlesea Valletta Life Assurance Co Ltd. (now MSV Life p.l.c.), a life insurance company, in partnership with Bank of Valletta.

In 2011, Mapfre Internacional S.A. finalised the arrangements which led to its acquisition of Munich Re’s 19.99% shareholding in Middlesea. Following this transaction, MAPFRE increased its aggregate shareholding in Middlesea to 50.98% of the issued share capital, thus acquiring a controlling interest in the company. Middlesea’s traditionally blue colour scheme was replaced by MAPFRE’s grey-red scheme.