The Nestlé Group started commercial activities in Cottonera around 1900 through ship chandlers and in 1905 a sales office of the newly created Nestlé & Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co. was opened in Valletta.

In 1923 a Nestlé subsidiary company was established in Valletta-Marina as NESTLÉ MILK Co. Ltd. In 2007 the company moved from Valletta to a new and more modern office in Lija, a more central position in the country, enabling the logistics and sales department to become more efficient. Currently, Nestlé Malta directly employs around 80 people, apart from the businesses that it passes on to its local distributors which in turn also have a number of their respective employees fully concentrated on the Nestlé businesses

Over the years the portfolio grew and today, Nestlé Malta has many brands that are households names to the Maltese, such as Kit Kat, Motta, Antica Gelateria del Corso, Buitoni, Perugina, Quality Street, After Eight, S. Pellegrino, Nestlé Vera, Acqua Panna, Friskees, Gourmet and Purina to name just a few.

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