Novi Burger

Novi Burger was founded by a New Yorker who wanted to present what he thought was a proper burger. It wasn’t long before Times of Malta discovered NOVI and ran an article about the burgers saying: “We found ourselves referring to what we were eating in terms of our all-time favourites and that alone is quite the accolade!

NOVI is a restaurant focused on homemade American food, craft beers, and good music… of course! They strive to provide a tasty and healthier alternative to fast food using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients or authentic items imported directly from the USA.

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This is what Novi Burger had to say

Moose has significantly elevated our brand’s image. Their professionalism, creativity, and dedication were evident from the start, as they deeply understood our values and vision. Collaborating with them was a pleasure, as their communication and commitment to excellence made the process enjoyable. Thanks to Moose, NOVI Burger’s brand image has evolved remarkably, leading to increased brand recognition and customer engagement. We wholeheartedly recommend Moose as a branding partner.

Chris & Maja Vella

Owners, Novi Burger