Editorial design is something we take great pride in, which is why we couldn’t wait to get started when Arts Council Malta entrusted us to design the 2021 Annual Report.

The publication is bilingual, so instead of having both languages on the same page, we turned the English version upside-down to give each language a cover.

The annual report was printed and made available online, in 2 separate PDFs; one for each language.



Moose are a small studio, uniquely positioned to offer individual attention. A close-knit team that thrives on telling brand stories.

Individually, they have been working in the industry for more than twenty years – from branding conceptualisation to social media campaigns, web development, editorial design and content.

From crafting distinctive brand identities to choreographing high-energy marketing campaigns, their work marries vibrant colour schemes, purposeful typography and impactful visuals. However, Moose are not just about aesthetics. Their strategic approach delves into consumer behaviours, market intricacies, and competitive landscapes, empowering them to engineer powerful campaigns that reverberate across industries.

Their small size is an advantage, enabling them to focus intently on every client with innovation, expertise, and an unyielding passion for building meaningful connections.

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