Editorial design is something we take great pride in, which is why we couldn’t wait to get started when Arts Council Malta entrusted us to design the 2021 Annual Report.

The publication is bilingual, so instead of having both languages on the same page, we turned the English version upside-down to give each language a cover.

The annual report was printed and made available online, in 2 separate PDFs; one for each language.



Moose are a collective of creatives, marketers, wordsmiths and web developers based in Malta.

They have been working in the digital marketing sector for more than fifteen years and have worked on everything from branding conceptualisation to design, photography, marketing campaigns and content.

They also specialise in the creation of websites that are functional, look good, and most importantly showcase your brand.

They have helped big and small businesses, established companies and start-ups to present their story to the world ever since they opened their doors in 2017. 

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